Find me at Web 2.0 Expo NY this week

O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo is in New York this week at the Javits Center. This is the largest tech conference that NY has ever seen and those of us who live here are thrilled to finally get the attention that NY tech so greatly deserves. There are eight tracks for four days of sessions, everything [Keep Reading…]

Philly Tweetup 08/27/08

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you probably realize I have a mild (okay, not so mild) obsession with Twitter. If you aren’t already following me, please rectify that now. Because I enjoy nothing more than a good conversation over a good beer, I’ve organized some “Tweetups” (Twitter meetups) in the past, both [Keep Reading…]

Upcoming Posts

Just to whet your appetite, here are some posts I’ll be writing in the next week: The new look of Facebook profiles 10 worthwhile Twitter bots Thank you letters Please don’t stalk me (geosocial networking) If you have any thoughts or questions about these topics that you’d like to see addressed, just leave a comment [Keep Reading…]

How Twitter has changed my life

Sometimes Twitter comes up in conversation with my friends and family that don’t work in technology. I never actually bring it up because I know that it’ll require an hour plus of explanation or discussion, at the end of which they’ll think I’m crazy, nerdy or just plain bored. But every now and then someone [Keep Reading…]

Plurk You

I’ve been wanting to write about Plurk for a while. Everyone seemed to be so enamored with it when it first launched, but maybe that was because Twitter was experiencing serious downtime and people were pissed off — not because it was anything actually worth being excited about. The first time I logged on, I [Keep Reading…]

The Stranger Aversion

Social media has created a world in which everyone is interconnected. Forget six degrees of separation; we’re probably down to three. So have we completely lost the notion of a stranger? Charlie O’Donnell, CEO of Path 101, recently wrote a post on his personal blog about the shift towards using social systems to connect with [Keep Reading…]

Social Feed Aggregators

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of powerful social networking platforms out there, with new ones launching every week. Send 140-character messages with Twitter. Save links with Promote content with Digg. Share music with It’s endless. Lifestreaming — recording your daily activities through text, links, photos, music and video — is quickly becoming the [Keep Reading…]