Places you can find me

In the spirit of unreciprocated online friendship, feel free to add me to your networks on the following sites. Chances are good that I’ll add you back.

Should I be connected somewhere that I’m not? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. says

    The only one there I haven’t heard of is ‘Readr’…(bunch of bookworms eh?!) hehe

    ‘FriendFeed’ seems to be ‘Twitter’s’ less funky cousin…(and ‘Twitter’ just wasn’t working for me).

    ‘Digg’ suffers from the excessive flame-like commentary (ruining a probably good idea once).

    ‘’ has almost zero friendliness about it (dull interface) – ‘Mag.nolia’ is much better, which is why I’ve just signed up on it. I’ve never used ‘StumbleUpon’ – but isn’t it just like…well…’’?

    I do have an account with ‘Upcoming’…but there’s no point adding you as you’re in America and I’m in the UK.

    ‘BrightKite’ is the new, latest thing, it hasn’t really got big here yet…and I’m currently without a laptop/notebook – so that really rules out the need to sign up with ‘BrightKite’ at all.

    ‘Dopplr’ – for all those people who travel around to great, new places…a lot. I love travelling to new places, but unfortunately I don’t travel enough (and certainly to no where interesting) to make it worthwhile me signing-up.

    Some of my current ‘Online Friends’ originated from friendships on ‘Flickr’ – so that has some potential. I’ve already added you as a contact.


    robert: All the cool, geek kids are on ‘’



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