UIE Virtual Seminar with Tamara Adlin: Ad-Hoc Personas

User Interface Engineering (UIE) hosts wonderful virtual seminars every month on a variety of UX-related topics. This month was no exception. Tamara Adlin, a user experience consultant based in Seattle, WA, put together a smart and practical presentation titled, The Power of Ad Hoc Personas: Truly Practical Methods to Get Your Organization On the Same [Keep Reading…]

Using Twitter for Friend Advice

I ask questions on Twitter all the time on a wide variety of topics, and I usually get really useful responses — but never as many as when I ask about interpersonal issues. A little while ago I posed this question: “What do you do when someone you really care about won’t respond to your [Keep Reading…]

Pleasure and Pain turns 2

I started this blog two years ago on January 10, 2008 with a post titled, Genesis. I didn’t know at the time just how fitting a word it was. It truly marked the beginning of my re-creation. Since then I’ve published 447 posts (including this one), received 1,491 comments, and had 159,031 unique visitors. The [Keep Reading…]

Happy New Year to You

2010 is here and I can hardly believe it. A new decade. A new period of time to look forward to with high expectations and even higher hopes. At this time…. …ten years ago, I was starting my last semester of high school and looking forward to the freedom of college. …five years ago, I [Keep Reading…]

Faceted Filtering…in the Real World

I’m completely in love with this new commercial by Freschetta that demonstrates what “faceted filtering” would look like in the physical world. Pattern Definition Faceted filtering is a mechanism that allows the user to progressively reduce a large group of items by selecting the desired attributes from various dimensions (or facets) of those items Note: [Keep Reading…]

Whit Hour – Week 6

Thank you so much to the 41 people who showed up for the sixth week of Whit Hour — my weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me. I really appreciate everyone’s flexibility in moving over to Ustream at the [Keep Reading…]