Whit Hour – Week 6

Thank you so much to the 41 people who showed up for the sixth week of Whit Hour — my weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me.

I really appreciate everyone’s flexibility in moving over to Ustream at the last minute since Tinychat didn’t work once again! If they want to keep me as a customer they’re really going to have to step it up.

Join me next week on Sunday, September 27, 9-10pm Eastern Time at http://tinychat.com/whitney password:whithour, and bring your questions!

Whit Hour – Week 6

September 20, 2009, from 9-10pm ET

This week’s beer

East India Pale Ale
Brooklyn Brewery
Brooklyn, NY

Questions asked and (hopefully) answered

  1. How did you get your start in user experience design?
  2. What are your major concerns with this economy? Do you have to change price points and pitch?
  3. What is your opinion on OpenID from a usability standpoint?
  4. I’m moving from Boston to New York this week. Any advice for a newcomer to the city? What UX or design communities should I get involved in?
  5. Can you give an opinion of OAuth in the same context as the OpenID question?
  6. More prospective employers and clients are asking for online portfolio work. How do you deal with the proprietary confidential nature of the work you present? Does the client have to give you the permission to publicize the work?
  7. How many clients have you found through Twitter?
  8. Do you recommend any resources for educating clients on the value of UX?
  9. What’s this Twitter project you’re working on?
  10. Do you work with the development team while doing the UX process and how would you suggest dealing with different visions for the process within the company?
  11. If demonstrating our process is better than a portfolio, how do we account for the in-real-time change-ups to the process that inevitably happen?
  12. My title is Web Designer. How do I teach people on my team about user experience when it’s not in my title?
  13. On your projects, are you doing the project management or working with a project manager?
  14. I’ve noticed Usability Certifications surfacing from different organizations. Do you see any value in these for someone with a Psych or Design degree?
  15. As an indie UX designer, how important are conferences for networking?

Full text chat

Not available! Ustream only keeps the last 20 minutes stored in the chatroom so I lost the whole thing :(

Join me next week

Sunday, September 27, 9-10pm Eastern Time at http://tinychat.com/whitney password:whithour, and bring your questions!

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