Whit Hour – Week 5

Thank you so much to the 20 or so folks who showed up for the fifth week of Whit Hour — my weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me. I particularly appreciate your patience and determination to stick with [Keep Reading…]

The first Whit Hour was a success

Last night from 9-10pm Eastern Time I hosted my first Whit Hour — a new weekly video chat in which I answer people’s questions about user experience, consulting, and anything else they ask. I had an absolute blast and surprisingly talked non-stop — not something I’m particularly comfortable with, but there were just so many [Keep Reading…]

If I could tell designers one thing

A few days ago I got an email from the lovely Liz Danzico asking if I’d participate in a video project she was putting together for the Galapagos Art Space’s Career Camp, “a low-cost, high-value, five-part lecture and networking series for professionals (employed or otherwise!) living in New York City.” On Tuesday Liz participated in [Keep Reading…]

Jeff Bezos says: obsess over customers

In the video below, Jeff Bezos, one of the greatest minds in customer experience, tells us “Everything I know” and discusses the acquisition of Zappos. What Jeff Bezos knows: Obsess over customers “When given the choice of obsessing over competitors or obsessing over customers, we always obsess over customers.” Invent “Any time we have a [Keep Reading…]

Whit Hour starts August 2 at 9pm ET

The results are in. Receiving 27% of the 116 total votes, the most preferred time for Whit Hour, my new weekly “office hour” via video chat, is Sundays from 9-10pm Eastern Time. I’ll be using TinyChat, at least for now. You can join the video conference at http://tinychat.com/whitney with the password whithour. Come one, come [Keep Reading…]

Get a 15% discount to DelveUI in NYC

I’m very excited to be attending DelveUI on August 5-6 in NYC, and even more excited that I get to give away a 15% discount on the $595 registration fee to the first 15 people to comment on this post. Delve:UI – A 2-Day Masterclass on Designing User Interfaces August 5-6, 2009 (Wed-Thurs), 8am-6:30pm 13 [Keep Reading…]