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Introducing StartUXs

I’m very excited to be the guest author on this week’s 52weeksofUX, a blog by Josh Porter and Josh Brewer, two people I greatly admire. My topic is the increasingly crucial role that user experience design plays in the success of a startup. I called the piece StartUXs (get it? startups with an X instead [Keep Reading…]

Whit Hour – Week 10

Thank you so much to the 35 people who showed up for the tenth week of Whit Hour — my weekly one-hour video chat to answer any and all of your questions about user experience, consulting, and whatever else you throw at me. Tune in every Monday night from 10-11pm Eastern Time at http://www.justin.tv/whitneyhess. Whit [Keep Reading…]

Watch me on The Big Web Show

Last Thursday I had the absolute pleasure of joining the lovely Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin on the eighth episode of The Big Web Show (read my previous post). If you weren’t able to catch the live broadcast, be sure to check out the video and podcast. We talked about how I’ve used Twitter to [Keep Reading…]

Questions show passion, not doubt

I was recently contacted by someone to contribute to a project they’re working on. It was a well-connected and well-respected person whose work I’ve followed for years, so naturally I was quite excited by the inquiry. The initial email was a bit sparse — describing the project in just a couple sentences — and while [Keep Reading…]

Can Leadership Be Learned?

The words both start with L-E-A, but can leadership really be learned? As a consultant, I have the pleasure and challenge to work with a variety of different teams. I am a team of one, but I collaborate with agency teams (such as Happy Cog, whom I’m working with on the US Holocaust Memorial Museum [Keep Reading…]

Client Matters: Ironclad Contracts: Tougher Than a Pinky Swear

UXmatters just published the fourth article in my bimonthly column, Client Matters, where I give UX professionals an honest look at initiating and managing relationships with clients. The latest article is titled, Ironclad Contracts: Tougher Than a Pinky Swear. In it I expound on how to determine the nuts and bolts of your client contract: [Keep Reading…]

Client Matters: Needs + Resources + Location + Schedule + Budget = Scope

This post is two months overdue. Somehow I never linked to the third article in Client Matters, my bimonthly column in UXmatters, where I give UX professionals an honest look at initiating and managing relationships with clients. Published in December 2009, the article is titled, Needs + Resources + Location + Schedule + Budget = [Keep Reading…]