Client Matters: Does Your Client Need a Consultant or an Agency?

I’ve started a new column called Client Matters on UXmatters, a web magazine about user experience. Every other month I’ll give UX professionals an honest look at managing relationships with clients and provide some tips on how to turn unpleasant situations into winning ones.

The first article in the column starts at the beginning: first contact with a prospective client. The initial question that must be answered is: Does Your Client Need a Consultant or an Agency?

Based on my own experience, plus that of other consultants, as well as the perspectives of some agency heads, I’ve established three factors for determining whether a gig is more appropriate for a soloist or a team:

* time commitment
* budget constraints
* services required

Let these be a rubric for you to use whenever you encounter this question.

Read the article on UXmatters, and stay tuned for future articles in my Client Matters column.

Huge thanks goes to Pabini Gabriel-Petit, founder and editor-in-chief of UXmatters, for inviting me to be a columnist. I’m very honored to be involved in this great publication and to have her as an editor.

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