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Photo of the day: Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Burn Calories, Not Electricity

While attending Smart Experience’s Web Navigation Design workshop with Jim Kalbach at the Center for Architecture, I noticed this great sign by the elevator:

Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Take the Stairs!

Walking up the stairs just 2 minutes a day helps prevent weight gain. It also helps the environment.

I did a little investigation and discovered that this is a campaign put on by NYC’s health commissioner. Read more about it in the New York Times.

I really love this sign, and more specifically where it’s placed. Apparently others like it, too — it’s been viewed on Flickr more than 1,870 times (and its related photo 790+ times)! Hope you like it, too.

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  1. The Center for Architecture is so wonderful, that sounds just like something from there.

  2. I think signs like these are a great idea. Without becoming cluttered, I could see more of these type signs around the city indifferent categories!

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