Photo of the day: Please don’t touch, lick, stroke or mount the exhibits

It’s Saturday, so let’s get a little risqué. Over Thanksgiving, the lovely Sharin and I took our 18-year-old friend Jason to the Museum of Sex (what else does one do with an 18-year-old boy?). I snapped a pic of this sign hung prominently near the entrance and posted it to Flickr. Somehow someone found it, posted it on Digg and things went wild. So far it’s been dugg 2,192 times, has 129 comments, and resulted in 140,568 views on my Flickr page.

The day it went up on Digg, it made the front page:

I particularly enjoyed the sign because it put a twist on a typical museum warning, all the while staying squarely on brand and amusing the hell out of everyone who sees it. It’s pretty darn smart and hopefully will inspire others to be as mindful of the tone they use in their customer communications.

A whole blog post about copy and customer experience coming soon…

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