My Twitter Mosaic

Inspired by @woodlandalyssa, I decided to give Twitter Mosaic a whirl. Here are all of the people that I currently follow on Twitter and consider to be important and interesting people in my life. I hope you like them, too :) Get your twitter mosaic here.

NY Tech Meetup — February 2009

Last night was February’s NY Tech Meetup, the second month under new organizer Nate Westheimer. One of the major changes that Nate has made to the event so far is that the evening’s presenters have related products or services. This month’s theme was “Mobile Meets Social.” The presenters were: Peek Xtify viaPlace Coovents Mobile Commons [Keep Reading…]

A year of Twitter statistics

Twitter Counter tracks your number of followers over time TweetStats shows trends by day of the week and time of day (proof that I do sleep) and who receives the most replies (this surprised me) What I’ve said the most (happy to see that “thanks” is up there) Xefer also looks at tweets by time [Keep Reading…]

NY Tech Meetup — January 2009

Last night was the first NY Tech Meetup of 2009 and the first meetup since Nate Westheimer became the new organizer last month. I thought it was a huge success. For the first time, at least since I’ve been attending, it had a theme: “Built on Twitter” — the seven presenters all have created products [Keep Reading…]

Twitter: An Asymmetrical Chat Room

Back in July, I wrote a blog post titled “How Twitter has changed my life” in which I stated that the best way to explain Twitter to non-tech friends is to show, not tell. Giving examples of Twitter’s impact on my life has been far more effective than trying to describe the service in layman’s [Keep Reading…]

Data Visualization Inspiration

In the spirit of sharing responses to Twitter questions (see last post on business cards), I wanted to post the list of resources that were sent to me when I asked the following question: I’m working on a project that will probably need to show trend data and since I’m beginning to work on the [Keep Reading…]