Who needs a plumber when you have Twitter?

I’m a do-it-yourself kinda girl, so instead of putting in a work order with the building staff, I’d prefer to at least try to fix things around the apartment myself. Lately I’ve been noticing a problem with my dishwasher, so I thought I’d ask Twitter: Not surprisingly, I got a lot of great advice. Here’s [Keep Reading…]

In case of fire: Do Not Use Twitter

Last week this photo was posted to BuzzFeed and made the rounds on Twitter. It’s originally from johnpiercy on Flickr. I think it looks doctored, but John isn’t sure. It’s just too hilarious to be real! What do you think? P.S. If I was caught in or near a fire, I definitely WOULD use Twitter. [Keep Reading…]

Twitter changes its email notifications

By default, every time someone new follows you on Twitter, you get a notification via email (which you can turn off in the Settings, as I have). Yesterday I saw a bunch of people in my stream talking about a newly designed email notification so I decided to look into it. Here’s the old notification [Keep Reading…]