If Not Now

Originally published on the Pastry Box Project one year ago today on July 10, 2014 I turn 32 tomorrow so I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up. To the aspiring practitioners I coach and mentor every day, I’m a senior in the field. To the people who met me when I was just starting [Keep Reading…]

On a Year as a Certified Coach

Today is my one-year anniversary of being a certified coach. On June 6, 2014, I became a certified professional coach through New Ventures West, and was set off on a whole new adventure. My business and my life have changed dramatically. I went from a decade as a user experience practitioner serving businesses exclusively to [Keep Reading…]

Living Life as an Observer

On being a loner and grappling with loneliness Originally published on Medium two years ago today on May 19, 2013 For as long as I can remember, I expected to spend my life alone. I’m an only child and got used to playing by myself at a very young age. I was never one for [Keep Reading…]

A Lifetime of Bullies

Originally published on the Pastry Box Project one year ago today on May 10, 2014 It started when you were five on the kindergarten school bus. An older girl threatened to punch your mom if you didn’t bring her caramels. Your mom caught you stealing caramels from the kitchen drawer, found out, and it stopped. [Keep Reading…]

Rewriting my story (again)

[Below is the latest iteration of my About page, where I attempt to tell the story of my life thus far with clarity and meaning. Life is messy, and so is writing about it. But I keep trying.] . . . Whitney Hess, Certified Coach I help people bring their whole selves to their work. [Keep Reading…]

My 2014 Annual Report — My Best Year Ever

Hello friends, family, clients, future clients and supporters! I have some exciting news. 2014 was hands down my best year in 10 years of business. It would be impossible to tell you every amazing thing that has happened (because there were a lot of them!), but here are a few highlights: Big Wins in 2014 [Keep Reading…]