Photo of the day: Be aware of glass door!!!

When Orian was apartment hunting last month, he saw this sign in a vestibule and snapped a pic. A couple things amused him: 1) the three exclamation points, and 2) that the person wrote “be aware” instead of “beware” (something I might not have picked up on).

I have a hard time believing the sign is really needed given how big and chunky the door handle is — but something tells me it wouldn’t be posted there if several people hadn’t smacked their faces walking right into it.

I guess they keep that glass sparkling clean!

What are some amusing glass warnings you’ve seen lately?

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  1. murrayw76 says

    A couple of friends live in a house with screen doors that lead from a porch to their backyard. Since the mesh is almost imperceptible after dusk, several inattentive partiers have walked through them, so I took a couple of paper plates and drew faces on them with speech bubbles that said stuff like, “Please don't walk into me!” They were up for a while without any more accidents, but since this solution wasn't exactly sophisticated, I suggested that they paint a horizontal stripe, matching the trim, at about waist height instead.

  2. says

    Probably not the best example as it's sans glass, but I found it equally amusing. On travel this past weekend, I walked through the little portable tunnel to board my flight. The line wasn't moving so my eyes wandered up (yes on the ceiling of the walkway), when I noticed a sign that read “CAUTION (UNIDENTIFIABLE SYMBLE)> UNEVEN SURFACES”.

    I first thought it was too “wordy” to be effective, when a shorter or more common phrase could be used better. For example “Watch Your Step”. Then I wondered why would it be on the ceiling, fixating my eyes away from the floor would surely increase my odds of tripping.

    Then I realized, much like you did – that it's there for a reason. Wandering eyes were likely the cause of many people tripping, after all that's where I was looking rather than ahead of me.


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