Photo of the day: LLUP to open

Peace & Love Café is one of my favorite local spots. They’ve got free wi-fi, amazing sandwiches, and lots of comfy seating. The perfect alternative to a Starbucks. And how can that name not make you feel great?

I’ve been going to Peace & Love for several years, and always noticed that their inner door was a bit rickety. It would get stuck on the floor if you swung it open too far because the floor is on a slight incline there. I used to see people struggling with it from time to time.

Last week I stopped by for the first time in a couple months and immediately noticed something amiss.

As I walked into the place I noticed that the PUSH sign on the door was upside down. I chuckled to myself, but didn’t think much of it. Then on my way out, I saw that the PULL sign was upside down, too. That’s when I took a step back and realized it — they had flipped the door upside down, and hadn’t re-affixed the stickers.

I did some investigation (while trying to remain inconspicuous) and I think I figured out what they did.

  • They wanted to change it from a left-handed door to a right-handed door. A “left-handed door” means that from inside of the café, the door swung open from right to left — meaning you would have to use your left hand to open it.
  • In order to change the direction the door swings open, they had to move the hinge from the left side to the right side of the door jamb.
  • Since they didn’t feel like removing the hinges from the door itself, they instead flipped the door 180-degrees vertically so that the hinge could be on the right.

There are a couple clues that indicate that the door actually is upside down besides the PUSH and PULL stickers:

  • The door closer (the spring dampening mechanism) can be seen at the bottom of the door when it’s always installed at the top
  • The height of the panels on either side of the bottom of the door is taller than on the door itself, but look up and you’ll see that it’s the same height at the top of the door

I feel like I’ve cracked the case on this one! Now maybe the next time I hang out there for the day I’ll switch around the PUSH and PULL signs when no one is looking.

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