I’m Quoted in the New York Observer

Out of the blue this weekend I received an e-mail from Gillian Reagan, a reporter for the New York Observer, asking if she could interview me for a story on profile pictures. She mentioned that she’s been following this little ol’ blog for a while (which was very exciting) and knows that I write a lot about social media, and she was interested in my perspective. I read the Observer all throughout my growing up in the New York City so I was eager to chat with her.

Last night I searched their site and found that Gillian’s article, titled Superstar Avatars, was published on Monday, and I was thrilled to see that wine megastar Gary Vaynerchuk and I were both quoted.

This afternoon, the article was picked up by Gawker in a post titled Your Life Is A Picture.

Your Life Is A Picture in Gawker

They made fun of the story and referred to us as “some people willing to be quoted spouting bullshit theories about any old thing,” but I didn’t mind one iota because they drove a ton of traffic to my blog.

Oh, and within an hour of it being posted, I had four new client requests in my inbox. Thanks, Gawker!

Kudos to Gillian on the piece. And if you’re in New York, be sure to pick up a copy of the Observer at your local newspaper stand. It’s hard to miss — it’s pink!

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