When You Startup With UX

On Wednesday, UX Magazine published my article, When You Startup with UX — a look into how a few successful startups are integrating user experience practices.

I posed 5 questions to 5 people (4 folks at 3 different startups and 1 venture capitalist) to find out how they think about UX and what it means to their businesses.

The players:

An excerpt from my article:

As a consultant living and working in NYC, I come into contact with a lot of entrepreneurs and the startups they’re trying to get off the ground. They have limited budgets, limited resources, and boundless aspirations. And not one of them has a full-time user experience designer.

Most startups never quite make it, while a choice few rise above to unpredictable heights. So what distinguishes the successes from the failures? Armed with my unwavering faith in the power of UX, I set out to prove that the trailblazers are engaging in user-centered design activities—even if it means doing it on their own terms.

I interviewed three well-regarded New York-based startups and a powerful Silicon Valley venture capitalist to get their definition of what user experience actually is, how to do it, and why it really matters.

Read the entire article over at UX Magazine.

Thanks so much to UX Magazine for publishing the piece, and to everyone who agreed to be interviewed. If you’re a startup integrating UX practices, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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