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Twitter’s Most Moronic Change: Removing @ Reply Settings

I’m furious. Absolutely astounded and ready to scream. Why? Because Twitter just announced a drastic change to their service that will forever affect how people interact with the stream. They have effectively removed all discoverability of new people to follow and connect with, thereby destroying the very element that made Twitter the powerful networking tool [Keep Reading…]

My presentation at IA Summit 2009: “Evangelizing Yourself”

At the IA Summit last year in Miami, the first that I attended, a few wonderful people encouraged me to submit a proposal for this year in Memphis. I was a total noob, and didn’t think it would be possible for me to be chosen to speak, but I decided to think of a topic [Keep Reading…]

Please help me feed hungry New Yorkers #tenbuckthursday

As you might already know, I’m involved with a great organization called Social Media for Social Change that takes advantage of the connections we make online in order to produce face-to-face fundraising events around the country. The first Social Media for Social Change fundraising event in New York City will be held on the evening [Keep Reading…]

More than 600 people attend boxee NYC meetup

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of participating in a tremendously successful boxee NYC meetup at Webster Hall. According to venue staff, more than 600 people were in attendance. It’s a huge space and the entire downstairs was packed, with many people also up in the balcony. I was thrilled to see such a [Keep Reading…]

I’m here at SXSW and I want to meet you!

I’m here in Austin hanging out at SXSW until Wednesday, then going straight to Memphis for the IA Summit. Tomorrow, Saturday, March 14, at 3:30pm, I’ll be on a panel with Jeffrey Zeldman, Roger Black and Kristina Halvorson called “From Freelance to Agency: Start Small, Stay Small.” I told you all about it in December. [Keep Reading…]

Why the new Skittles website is ridiculous but I don’t actually care

Skittles is one of my favorite candies. I love opening up a fresh pack, finding one of each color and squishing them together to make a rainbow. It just makes me happy. I’ve been eating Skittles my whole life and I’ve been on a computer my whole life, and yet never in a million years [Keep Reading…]

I’m Quoted in the New York Observer

Out of the blue this weekend I received an e-mail from Gillian Reagan, a reporter for the New York Observer, asking if she could interview me for a story on profile pictures. She mentioned that she’s been following this little ol’ blog for a while (which was very exciting) and knows that I write a [Keep Reading…]