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Designing for Startups in Smashing Magazine

A big thanks goes out to Andrew Maier whose article “Designing for Startups: How to Deliver the Message Across” in Smashing Magazine included some thoughts from a blog post I wrote a few months ago titled “A Plan of Action.” In it he features my three approaches to design: Reactive, Preactive, and Proactive — the [Keep Reading…]

Awesome Email of the Day: Increasingly dissatisfied by how little influence I feel I have

I am a very fortunate person. I feel it every day. Some days I get the most incredible emails that make me realize it even more deeply. A few months ago I got this one, and I was given the permission to reprint it. This is why I do what I do. I know so [Keep Reading…]

Pleasure and Pain in Other Languages

Receiving a request from someone who wants to translate your blog posts into other languages is thrilling and humbling. It’s such an honor to know that these pieces resonate with anyone at all — but to find out that they cross geographical and cultural barriers is truly amazing! Here are some of the translations I [Keep Reading…]

Awesome Email of the Day: How Little You Really Know

Back in February, I wrote a blog post titled How Little You Really Know. If you haven’t read it, go check it out now. I got the below email in response, and have kept it in my inbox as a reminder of why I do what I do. It’s a few months late, but I [Keep Reading…]

Sketchnotes from UK UPA’s UX Clinic

Like I mentioned in my post on UX London, I also had the pleasure of being on a UK UPA panel with Dave Gray, Jeff Patton, and Stephen Anderson titled UX Clinic. We spent about two hours answering the audience’s questions — some previously submitted and some on the fly. It was a blast. Eva-Lotta [Keep Reading…]

My Creating a Culture of UX workshop at UX London

To say I had a blast at UX London would be a lie. Not because it wasn’t amazing, but because I didn’t actually attend any of it outside of my own workshop. Some may have thought I was out and about exploring London instead of attending other speakers’ sessions. Quite false. Where I really was: [Keep Reading…]

My 20 Guiding Principles for UX Design on Monster.com’s InsideTech

Last month I mentioned that UX Magazine would now be syndicating some of the content from Pleasure and Pain. A couple weeks ago they republished my Guiding Principles for UX Designers post, which then in turn got picked up by Monster.com’s InsideTech, a “meeting place for IT professionals.” The article has more than 2,600 views [Keep Reading…]