I am a stencil

This happened five months ago, and I was so stunned by the honor that I think I pushed it somewhere deep into my subconscious until now.

In Search Patterns: Design for Discovery by Peter Morville and Jeffrey Callender, there are these cute people icons that accompany various illustrations throughout the book. There was so much interest in these images that they decided to publish a collection of stencils for Omingraffle with both people and their Mr. Potato Head-like parts for use in personas and diagrams.

One of the sets Callender created is called UX Caricatures, and it contains some faces you might recognize.

Yep, that redhead is me! I’m kind of amazed at their attention to detail — I recognize that sweater, that necklace, those earrings. The dimples! Morville even held a contest to see who could name each person in the set, and gave away a copy of the book to those who guessed all correctly.

There have been more than 2,000 downloads of the UX Caricatures alone, and more than 15,000 downloads of all of Callender’s stencils combined.

I’ve been an admirer of Peter Morville since college, so you can imagine how it felt that he would think to include me with such an esteemed group of people. I cannot thank them both enough.

Now go put me in a wireframe or something!

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