Designing for Startups in Smashing Magazine

A big thanks goes out to Andrew Maier whose article “Designing for Startups: How to Deliver the Message Across” in Smashing Magazine included some thoughts from a blog post I wrote a few months ago titled “A Plan of Action.”

In it he features my three approaches to design: Reactive, Preactive, and Proactive — the latter of which I recommend as the best way for startups to design, test, and iterate.

“I believe that most UX designers would agree — dare I say, empathize — with Whitney’s prescribed preactive approach. Beginning with thinking — with research — is in a user-centered designer’s blood; it helps them understand their audience and voice their messages appropriately. Further still, “preactivity” appears to be the only real way for designers to gain empathy. But most start-up environments run counter to this approach. Acting and then thinking usually leaves little room for the voice of research.”

It’s a really great article for anyone who’s currently trying to figure out how to adapt their typical design and UX process to a company — startup or otherwise — that needs a more fluid, lightweight, fast-paced approach.

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