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Photo of the day: MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY

It’s so comforting to know that in times of imminent danger, our stress call will require seven careful steps. I saw this sign posted on the Governors Island Ferry when heading back to Manhattan after a nice birthday picnic in the park. You may recall that New York City has had some ferry trouble in [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Support Counter Intelligence

Who doesn’t love a good pun? I’m more of a double entendre girl myself, but even a har har pun can get a chuckle out of me sometimes. I found this tip jar at a Haagen Dazs in Santa Fe Plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now for those of you who are a bit [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Vietnamese Sandwishes

I saw this sign in the window of a local eatery and did a double take. I love collecting photos of misspelled signs, so I immediately took out my phone to snap a pic. As I was capturing the shot I noticed something even more hilarious than the misspelling itself — looking closer I saw [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Floor seats

Back in May, I snapped this photo on my subway ride home one evening. I don’t think he saw me, but even if he did I doubt he would have cared. His nonchalance amused me on so many levels: He’s sitting on the floor of the subway car. That’s even too dirty for homeless people. [Keep Reading…]

My New Mexico Travelogue

Earlier this month I spent seven amazing days in New Mexico on a solo vacation to celebrate my 27th birthday. No computer. No email. No boyfriend. Just a rental car, my cameras and a few maps. It was a wondrous experience to be alone in the vast spaces of the West. I saw and did [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Mister Softee is healthier than Starbucks

Do do, do do do, do do, do do, do do, do do, do do do. Do do, do do do, do do, do do, do do, do do, do do do. Yep, that’s the Mister Softee jingle. And I’m humming it with a huge smile on my face. I treated myself to a cone [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: The unfoggable mirror

Orian and I stayed at the Seaport Hotel in Boston a few weekends ago. After getting out of the shower I noticed that a portion of the mirror was somehow not fogged up! At first I thought it was a happy accident, but then I realized that couldn’t be and gasped at the genius of [Keep Reading…]