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User Experience, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness at SAP

Last spring, Siva Sabaretnam, VP of User Experience at SAP, invited me to conceive a full-day event for the 100+ member UX team at SAP America, Inc. Palo Alto. I proposed that we focus on the role of emotional intelligence and mindfulness in user experience, and Siva adamantly agreed. With the pervasiveness of technology in [Keep Reading…]

What the Mind Alone Can Never Know

An excerpt from my dialogue with Paul McAleer on our podcast Designing Yourself, Episode #12: High on Life (originally aired April 7, 2014), with minimal editing for readability. “Your body language shapes who you are.” Amy Cuddy is a researcher, and she speaks with the science rhetoric. What her study found and the way she [Keep Reading…]

And I’m brought back

An excerpt from my dialogue with Paul McAleer on our podcast Designing Yourself, Episode #11: Good Intentions (originally aired March 3, 2014), with minimal editing for readability. At the beginning of a yoga class, when all of us are sitting on our mats, taking our initial deep breaths, getting centered and trying to be in [Keep Reading…]

My 2014 Annual Report — My Best Year Ever

Hello friends, family, clients, future clients and supporters! I have some exciting news. 2014 was hands down my best year in 10 years of business. It would be impossible to tell you every amazing thing that has happened (because there were a lot of them!), but here are a few highlights: Big Wins in 2014 [Keep Reading…]

Recap: Designing Yourself – Season 2

For many of us, deeper understanding comes only in conversation with another. That is often the case with my friend Paul McAleer and me. After meeting at the 2013 IA Summit, we immediately realized that many of the same topics were on our minds and questions in our hearts. We started having some pretty spectacular [Keep Reading…]

12 Months of The Pastry Box

In 2014, I had the privilege of sharing 12 months of my innermost thoughts on The Pastry Box Project. It’s a place where 30 people a year, leaders from a variety of fields, are brought together through collaborative sharing and interweaving of stories to reveal undeniable truths about the human condition. Below is a roundup [Keep Reading…]

Today is my 6th anniversary of going solo

Six years ago today, also a Friday, was my very last day at my very last full-time job. Two weeks prior, I had finally worked up the courage to walk into my boss’s office and quit. It was a cushy job with great pay, reasonable hours, and somewhat interesting work. But that was no longer [Keep Reading…]