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Photo of the day: You Can’t Un-Shit a First Impression

You Can't Un-Shit a First Impression

I was sitting in a café on University Place and noticed this hilarious sign.


Even if you don’t have a fancy suit, we’ll make you look good on paper.

The Resumé Hero
Resumés and cover letters for real people who want super jobs.

I found it ironic that the poster was torn, so it kind of looks like shit after all. Someone must have tried to tape something on top of it and it was later removed. Still, it’s a killer sign and definitely caught my eye.

After checking out The Resumé Hero website, I learned that it’s just a small business run by two people who seem confident in their ability to craft your perfect résumé. I prefer my résumé with two accent aigu. Seems like very few people know that that’s the correct way to spell it. Résumé means summary in French. Lesson complete.

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