Pleasure and Pain is #1 on Google

Yeah, so sometimes I Google myself. And for some reason tonight I Googled “pleasure and pain.” Imagine my shock when I saw that this measly 11-month-old blog, my pride and joy, is the #1 search result (when in quotes — #3 when not in quotes). Thank you for your continued support. I really love this [Keep Reading…]

Mashable’s Open Web Awards – Voting Round 1

As I announced on Nov 5, nominations for Mashable’s 2nd Annual Open Web Awards were open until last Sunday. On Wednesday, the first round of voting began (sorry for the delay in posting this). Vote for your favorite site using the widget below until November 30th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Some ground rules: One vote [Keep Reading…]

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Pleasure and Pain on Blog Talk Radio

Huge thanks goes to Liz for alerting me to the fact that Pleasure and Pain, in particular the post I Am Not A Woman Blogger, was mentioned briefly on BlogWorld Expo’s show on Blog Talk Radio yesterday. Tim Turner and Rick (?) hosted yesterday’s edition of BlogWorld Radio with guests Laura Fitton a.k.a. Pistachio, Lucretia [Keep Reading…]

I Am Not A Woman Blogger

I am a woman (if the photo wasn’t clear). But I am not a woman blogger. BlogHer ’08 is going on in San Francisco right now. I know some ladies who are there, and it would’ve been great to be there just to meet a new-and-noteworthy group of people. But I have to be honest [Keep Reading…]

Upcoming Posts

Just to whet your appetite, here are some posts I’ll be writing in the next week: The new look of Facebook profiles 10 worthwhile Twitter bots Thank you letters Please don’t stalk me (geosocial networking) If you have any thoughts or questions about these topics that you’d like to see addressed, just leave a comment [Keep Reading…]