Going back to the cave

John J. Locke, in a comment on Where in the World is Whitney? San Diego posted January 16, 2014. I can relate to “going back to the cave” to regroup and reinvent yourself. Life is a series of stages. We never *really* know what’s going to happen next, although we try to plan it. I [Keep Reading…]

Beginning to experiment with Medium

You may have heard of Medium, the latest venture by Ev Williams, creator of Twitter and Blogger. If tweets are short-form and blog posts are long-form, Medium is somewhere in the middle (hence the name). When I was first invited to test the service, it just seemed to be a place where the Internet elite [Keep Reading…]

Help me compile my greatest hits

I’m in the process of creating a new homepage that will do a much better job of surfacing old (and still relevant) content, provide easier access to resources and organize my writing from the last five years. In determining what to highlight, I’d love to get feedback from my readers (you!). What are your favorite [Keep Reading…]

5 Years of Pleasure and Pain

It’s absolutely incredible to me that five years have passed since I started this blog. Five years feels like an eternity on the Internet, and yet it still feels so new. This is the place where I explore new concepts, share my experiences and insights, and examine my position on a slew of issues across [Keep Reading…]

A Brief Recap on Year 4

2012 started off with a bang and my mind has been moving at a million miles a minute ever since. I managed to miss a few important milestones and never got around to taking the time to reflect on the year here. I suppose I decided that dwelling on the past (even if it yielded [Keep Reading…]

Pleasure and Pain has gone mobile

It’s quite overdue, but this blog is now optimized to be viewed in a mobile browser. Many thanks to Ben Seven for giving me the kick in the ass I needed to get it done: Commented on You’re not a user experience designer if… by Ben Seven: Are you allowed to call yourself a User [Keep Reading…]