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David Armano, the insightful and venerated master blogger behind Logic + Emotion, has named Pleasure & Pain his “Blog of the Day.” I’m honored that he thinks I’m one to watch, and I deeply appreciate his kind words. Read his post and you’ll understand my pure delight.

david armano blog of the day

David and I worked together, albeit briefly, while he was the associate creative director at Digitas Chicago. I was working at Digitas in New York (my first job out of college), and had been sent to the Chicago office to work on an assignment for Allstate. You can read more about the project on my portfolio site.

Starting in mid-September 2005, I spent a little more than two months flying back and forth to Chicago each week with my colleague, art director Dom Vial. David was relatively new to Digitas, but he became our ally immediately. He really understood and respected my role as a user advocate, and was as driven as we were to deliver something truly groundbreaking. Together with team members Greg Johnson, William Matznick, Nadine Ekrek, Barbara Mousigian, Susana Martins and Jamie Naioti, we were able to create a strikingly fresh, slick, brand-enhancing, industry-rattling user experience. The team dynamic and the results of that project have inspired a lot of the work I’ve done since.

Over the past two years, I’ve watched David’s blog grow from a semi-private collection of thoughts on design, marketing, branding and user experience, to a widely-recognized authority on all subjects. It’s rare that one person be so respected in such varying, and often conflicting, industries. He speaks everywhere, gets quoted everywhere, and is ready daily by God knows how many people. I’m happy to know him, and I plan to milk the friendship for all it’s worth.

Just kidding, David. Thanks again!

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    Words of wisdom. Knowing that this post is gonna get tons of hits, I would probably drop my blog link here. But since I don’t blog. I won’t.

    Keep up the good work, Whitney.

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    calling out your Pleasure & Pain as blog of the day is a no-brainer. I can spot a winner when I see one. And this post is a nice way to capture our efforts on Allstate Innovations. It’s one of the first pieces I show if I ever have to “prove” that I do more than talk about the game. ;-)

    Keep up the great work here.

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    Congratulations. Fascinated to see that your blog is all about measuring the impact of new technology on human experience. At we have just run the Psychological Insight Award on the impact of social networking on emotional health – feels like we may have some common interests. Well done Whitney.

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