Help me name my blog

I wrote a weekly newspaper column for two years. I almost never had trouble coming up with a headline — in fact, they usually came to me while I was interviewing an artist or looking at his art. They were pithy, witty, often sardonic. That’s just my style.

Yet somehow, I can’t name this blog. I need your help.

I want a blog title that sums up who I am and what I do. It’s a tall order, and probably why I can’t seem to commit to a name. I’m analytical, cynical and street-smart. I’m addicted to innovation, but I’m attracted to antiques. I think technology is meaningless if it doesn’t improve our lives and promote communication. I’m a die-hard liberal with a hippie dad. I’m opinionated and assertive, and kind of an instigator. I work full-time and do freelance on the side. I see myself as a user advocate and spend the majority of my working hours attempting to reduce the amount of bullshit we’re forced to put up with.

So all-in-all, what does that make me?

You tell me.

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  1. says

    It needs to be something around “synthesist” per your description of yourself. Couple of ideas.

    “design synthesist”
    “information synthesist”
    “interaction synthesist”
    “synthesis in process”
    “digital synthesis”


    Good luck.

  2. Lorrianne Nault says

    Innovative aggregation
    Biting sensibility
    attack-whit or Attack-wit
    synthesize this!
    A clear, well lit- Whit
    A clear, well lit Blog.

  3. says

    Perhaps the best way to go about encompassing all those ideas in one title is to use a generous portion of poetic association. I scanned through song titles in my iTunes Library and chose a few choice ones that I thought might be getting at what you want … perhaps even as inspiration for further titlestorming on your part? Good luck! — Adam

    Parades Go By

    Fire In The Old Growth

    The Glass Teepee

    Chosen Path

    Oh, How The Boat Drifts

    Curious Child

    Spaghetti Junction

    Search For Delicious

    Periphery Waltz

    Little Bridges

    Expressway To Your Skull

    Small Flowers Crack Concrete

    Slight On The Childproof

    A Somewhere Place

    (In the interest of giving credit where it is due, here are the artists in order of their respective titles:
    Magnetic Fields, LaDonna Smith, LaDonna Smith & Davey Williams, Mo Slack, Múm, Nobukazu Takemura, Outkast, Panda Bear, Jolie Holland, Sam Prekop, Sonic Youth, Sonic Youth, Stars Of The Lid, Vincent Gallo).


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