Going back to the cave

John J. Locke, in a comment on Where in the World is Whitney? San Diego posted January 16, 2014.

I can relate to “going back to the cave” to regroup and reinvent yourself. Life is a series of stages. We never *really* know what’s going to happen next, although we try to plan it. I like to think younger me would still approve of older me, but past me could not have predicted my path in a hundred years.

It’s OK to change, and it’s OK to not know everything. It’s even OK to become someone radically different from who we were, because that’s part of thee natural cycle. I think it’s more difficult the more you become known for being certain things – like a New Yorker (heard you say this on the podcast), or knowledgeable about a ceratin area. Then you’re just “That guy or gal who does *x*”. That’s a huge burden, and sometimes we just outgrow it.

Success is a trap. It can keep us from going outside our comfort zone. Keep on keeping it real, Whitney.

I am grateful for the sentiment, John.

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