Follow-up to “You’re not a user experience designer if…”

The blog post I wrote about six weeks ago titled, You’re not a user experience designer if…, got way more attention than I ever could have predicted — in fact, I think it got the most traffic of any post I’ve ever written.

Sure, it’s an antagonistic title and that always gets people riled up. But I spend so much time talking and writing about what user experience design IS, I felt it was about time I wrote about what it ISN’T. I’m confronted with so many misconceptions on a daily basis that make our work all the more difficult.

A few notable comments

A lot of people agree with me, a lot of people don’t. I enjoy hearing both perspectives.

A few notable posts

As a result of the post, several other folks published their own perspectives. I swell with pride that I was able to jump-start this conversation, as I believe that conversation and debate and analysis is what propels our industry forward and makes us all better practitioners.

Being a Designer by Uday Gajendar

Getting Into User Experience by Karl Smith

Un designer d’intérieur d’estomac by Benoît Meunier

Humble Design by Rian van der Merwe

You might be a user experience designer… by Jack Moffett

You’re not a software craftsman if… by David Adsit


Having my writing translated into another language is one of the most thrilling experiences, not only because it means someone found my thoughts valuable enough to take the time to painstakingly translate, but moreover because it then reaches a whole other audience I wouldn’t have been able to connect with on my own. Thank you so much!

Você não é um User Experience Designer by Fabricio Teixeira

Vous n’êtes pas un UX designer si… by Julien Hillion


If you have additional thoughts on my post, please feel free to comment there or here. If you’ve written a post of your own about this topic, please let us know about it in the comments.

I hope this is a conversation that can continue as long as it takes for us to reach clarity around our roles and evangelize the value of the user experience practice worldwide.

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  1. says

    Actually all the comments here and the comments on the previous article, as well as the article itself, are just… opinions.
    No matter what you design: graphics, web sites or user experience, rules don’t apply every where and to anything.
    Your set of rules might work if it’s a mean not a target; that said, your next article should be: Following rules won’t make you a better UX designer.

    UX designers are creative people. Creativity is shared, copied or duplicated but is never inherited or tough.

  2. Lucretia Pruitt says

    Surprised at the response it generated here. Left my comment over there – I hadn’t before. You must’ve hit a nerve! :)


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