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Last April I had the honor of contributing a guest list on the 10 Best UX (User Experience) Design blogs [the list, my blog post] for Six Apart’s

I still regularly read almost all of the blogs I listed, but recently realized that there are many new, revamped or lesser known UX blogs that really deserve some attention. Another year, another list.

Now live on is my 10 UX (User Experience) Blogs to Watch in 2010!

Okay, so I couldn’t pick just 10…there are 11.

Here are my picks for the UX blogs to watch in 2010, in alphabetic order:

  • 52 Weeks of UX
    For each week in 2010, co-writers Joshua Brewer and Joshua Porter each offer a highly focused post that packs a lot of punch.
  • 90 Percent of Everything
    Harry Brignull illustrates Sturgeon’s Second Law — “90% of everything is crud” — with periodic insights on how to create the 10%.
  • Bobulate
    Liz Danzico’s scrapbook of seemingly disparate ideas brilliantly broadens the scope of experience design.
  • Johnny Holland
    An international group of writers explores the meaning of interaction design and aims to have its (sometimes incendiary) essays start new conversations.
  • Pure Caffeine
    Nathanael Boehm shares his thoughts on the intersection of social experience design and Government 2.0.
  • UI&us
    Keith Lang talks about technology trends and how they relate to cognitive psychology and user interface design.
  • Usability Post
    Dmitry Fadeyev provides weekly tips and resources on how to make your products more usable.
    Jasper van Kuijk posts design examples, news, and observations on consumer product usability as he works on completing his PhD.
  • UX Booth
    Andrew Maier, Matthew Kammerer, and David Legget are three fresh-faced guys behind the blog that’s becoming one of the most widely read UX resources.
  • Winning Content
    Colleen Jones shares demonstrates the crucial role that content strategy plays in creating positive user experiences.
  • Wireframes Magazine
    Jakub Linowski proves that there’s no right way to wireframe with regular samples of practitioners’ UX deliverables.

Did I miss one of your favorite blogs? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments!

Many, many thanks to Wendy Taylor, editor of, for her generosity and guidance.

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