I’m speaking at Interlink Conference 2011 in Vancouver, and you should come

I have the distinct pleasure of speaking at the first ever Interlink Conference in Vancouver, Canada on June 2-4, along with a stellar lineup of people I can’t even believe I’m included with: Samantha Warren, Steve Fisher, Gavin Elliott, Jonathan Snook, Brian Hoff, Ethan Dunham, Frank Chimero, Patrick Lauke, Meagan Fisher, Simon Collison, Sarah Parmenter, Dan Rubin and Elliot Jay Stocks.

Interlink is organized by Shawn Johnston, a talented web designer based on Vancouver who wanted to shine a light on the community in Canada. This smaller, boutique-like conference will feature two days of workshops flanking a single-track day of sessions. Evening events include a dodgeball tournament, movie night, Canadian brew pub, and a 3-hour interactive discussion on The Web Font Revolution.

I’ve been incredibly impressed with Shawn’s passion and attention to detail, especially considering this is his first event. It already feels different than a lot of the other conferences I attend, and I’m eager to see what happens.

Register for Interlink and use the promo code “SPEAKER” in order to get $100 off your ticket. I hope to see you there!

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