Ultra Light User Experience

A couple months ago Graham Lawlor asked me to be on the July panel for Ultra Light Startups, a group of entrepreneurs who collaborate to help each other launch startups quicker and cheaper.

Their events have a unique format. As Graham describes it, “The first hour is ‘introductions by elevator pitch’ where people give a 60-second overview of their startup with their website projected on the screen behind them.” Then they break for food and networking, and then come back together for the panel, which lasts about an hour. The event is followed by more networking at a nearby bar.

Recent panel topics have been: Twitter-based business models, bootstrapping, monetizing online video, and employment-based business models. Naturally the topic for which I’ve been invited is user experience, in particular how companies with tight budgets and limited resources can incorporate UX activities into their practice — well named Ultra Light User Experience.

I’m excited to be sharing the stage with:

The panel will be moderated by Allen Ackerman, Founder and CEO of A-List Placement and The Hire Syndicate.

I highly encourage any entrepreneurs in New York City to attend what I think will be an amazing event.

Read more about Ultra Light User Experience, and please sign up. I hope to see you there!

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