NY Tech Meetup — March 2011

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a NY Tech Meetup roundup, but Tuesday night’s event was so great that I thought it would be worth posting my tweets here. I know it’s not much, but it’s all I’ve got.

Tim Soo's Invisible Instruments

The presenters were:

My Twitter notes:

  • I’m in the Twilight Zone — walked into #NYTM and bumped into my former boss from Tribal @brianraganUX along with old friends from Liquidnet
  • Props goes out to @tpuzak @nickcody @khalua & Matt (not on Twitter?) former coworkers from Liquidnet in the house at #nytm! First-timers!
  • Radbox seems to be a Shelby competitor. @reecepacheco @JoeYevoli you guys here? #nytm
  • Woot! @tawheed on the stage showing off his email template webapp Tout. Pretty sweet, I could definitely use this! #nytm
  • Ho. Ly. Shit! This month’s #nytm hack-of-the month is da bomb! Tim Soo a.k.a. @tasooey’s invisible instruments
  • The rockin’ @aviary is on the stage announcing their new in-browser editing tool and API. Hey @msg, where’s the hat? #nytm
  • Wondering if everyone in the audience knows that it’s 2011. #nytm
  • I’m a woman and even I don’t want to know what a PlaytexSport is. #nytm
  • If I were playing buzzword bingo, I’d be winning right now. #nytm
  • I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous uses of AR, but Clothia.com — virtually trying on clothes — is prob the best implementation I’ve seen! #nytm
  • Yep, this is one of the best #nytm we’ve had in a long time. Nice work @innonate @brandondiamond!
  • SecondMarket is pretty damn sweet. Registered broker/dealer that lets you trade alternative (web/tech) investments. Who does your UX? #nytm

If you want to read more about what people thought of last night’s event, check out the #nytm Twitter stream.

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