Photo of the day: Push to take toilet paper

Push to take toilet paper

I snapped this shot inside the spiffy public restroom at Madison Square Park. The restroom cleans itself after every use, a total water-and-soap spray-down of the entire space. So naturally, the toilet paper can’t be exposed — it would get soaked! Instead, it’s hidden behind a trap door. When you press the button, the metal door opens and a pre-determined amount of toilet paper is released. Thankfully you can press the button several times in a row.

I just love how a bit of paper is sticking to the wet metal. I would have LOVED to see this prototyping process, if there was one.

Check out my full Flickr set of photos from Madison Square Park’s self-cleaning restroom.

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  1. diggonator says

    What cracks me up is that everyone is commenting on the button placement and not the fact that this bathroom cleans itself!? Have self-cleaning bathrooms become common place and I didn't even know about it.

    I had a clogged toilet the other day and could have used a self cleaning option for that.

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