My Cell Phones: 2000 – Today

Alex Rainert just posted this great piece on his blog Everyday UX showing the evolution of his mobile phones from 1998 to now.

I was inspired to post my own, though I have to admit I’m not sure if I have the exact models right. Thanks to GSM Arena for having photos of every mobile phone ever produced.

2000 – 2001

Motorola Talkabout T8160

I was off to college and the folks requested that I buy a cell phone. I loved the clamshell and the blue battery cover. This may have been the easiest-to-use phone I’ve ever owned. Send and Off buttons were on the bottom of the keypad, keys were squishy and well-spaced.

2001 – 2002

Nokia 8210

This was so much slimmer than the Talkabout — could fit in the front pocket of my jeans — and I thought it made me look really classy. I quickly hated that I always had to lock the keys or risk hip-dialing someone. The keys were TINY, even for my little fingers.

2002 – 2004

Motorola V60

I must have broken off the antenna four times. One time it was in my front pocket at an Everclear concert and I was hopping around and snap. Good thing the Verizon store only charged $10 to replace it.

2004 – 2007

Samsung E300

Yes, I had this phone for a long time. I was waiting for the iPhone (and when it finally came out, I really didn’t want it). This was my first (and only) camera phone, and the first time I had used text messaging. Sending and receiving photos with boyfriends got expensive.

November 2007 – Present

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Pretty obvious how I feel about my Crackberry — I’m addicted. Push email, full QWERTY keyboard, BB Messenger (IM-client), the Web (ok, it’s mobile web). You can read all about it here and here.

So what about you? How many cell phones have you owned and when did you start?

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  1. says

    Starting in about 1994: Motorola Bag Phone, OKI 900, Motorola DPC-650, Motorola Star-Tac Analog, Nokia 252, LG 330, Motorola Star-Tac Digital, Nokia 5190, Ericsson KF788, Audiovox 4000XL, Samsung T300, Motorola L2, Pantech 1200, No Phone Currently. :-)

  2. Shivabeach says

    I don’t remember the names, just that my first one was so big I had to put it in a VW and tow it behind me wherever I went


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