From the archives: I love new toys!

Pleasure and Pain is not my first blog. It’s probably my fifth, though it’s certainly the only one that ever took off.

From September 2004 – August 2006, I had a blog called self-preservation (self-hosted WordPress, natch). At the time, I was pretty damn proud of myself for that witty title — and I kinda still am. It wasn’t a blog about UX or tech specifically, it was just a random assortment of things I found interesting at the time.

I was recently compelled to browse through the old posts to see if there’s any content worth revisiting. And boy are there some gems! I’ll repost things here as I find them.

Here’s a great reminder of just how far consumer technology has come in six short years.

Written January 17, 2005:

On my way home, my cell phone battery pooped out. It’s been hanging on by a thread lately, and since I was overdue for an upgrade, I decided to renew my contract with Verizon and got a deep discount on a new phone: the Samsung SCH-a670. It’s a CDMA camera phone with speaker-independent voice dialing. That means that without programming my voice, I can dial anyone’s number just by saying their name. The phone also has a color screen, Multimedia Messaging Support, and voice memo recording.

I’m sure I’ll be reading the manual for the rest of the night to figure out the other cool features. I love new toys!

God, I loved that phone. A secondary display when the clamshell was closed…hotness!

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