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Twitter as group therapy

I was in a foul mood last night. Independent consulting certainly has its perks (and it’s definitely the best decision I’ve made in my career), but sometimes having no one to pat you on the back, tell you when you screwed up, help you improve your designs, help you get out of a sticky situation, [Keep Reading…]

Twitter tweaks the homepage, again

A month ago I wrote about Twitter finally integrating Twitter Search into their homepage by adding a search box and the Top 10 Trends to the nav bar. Now it’s been redesigned yet again. The search box has been moved to the right sidebar, along with the trends listed out (instead of hiding in a [Keep Reading…]

Twitter FINALLY turns replies into mentions

My dreams have come true. Twitter has finally turned their Replies functionality into what they’re calling Mentions. For more than two years, replies consisted only of tweets that began with the person’s username, leaving us to search for ourselves to find all the other tweets where we were mere mentions. Now that Twitter has killed [Keep Reading…]

Twitter.com finally removes their awful pagination

Twitter.com’s Newer and Older buttons at the bottom of the tweet stream are NO MORE! Just this morning when I refreshed the page, I noticed that they’ve been replaced by the lovely more button: When you press more, another 20 tweets appear right there on the page. Much easier to use — scrolling is not [Keep Reading…]

Twitter talk at the IxDA NYC Recap of Interaction 09

Last night, IxDA NYC hosted a recap event of the Interaction 09 conference in Vancouver last month. Thanks to our lovely hosts, JPMorgan Chase, and to all of the volunteers who helped pull it together. MJ Broadbent, one of IxDA NYC’s fabulous local leaders, asked if I would be willing to talk about how Twitter [Keep Reading…]

Twitter finally integrates Twitter Search a.k.a. Summize

In July I mentioned that Twitter bought Summize, a search engine that indexes tweets, and redirected the site to http://search.twitter.com. Now finally, almost 8 months later, Twitter Search is fully integrated into the Twitter top nav. A search box is now globally accessible and the top 10 trending topics are displayed in a dropdown. In [Keep Reading…]

Why the new Skittles website is ridiculous but I don’t actually care

Skittles is one of my favorite candies. I love opening up a fresh pack, finding one of each color and squishing them together to make a rainbow. It just makes me happy. I’ve been eating Skittles my whole life and I’ve been on a computer my whole life, and yet never in a million years [Keep Reading…]