Today is my 1 year anniversary on Twitter

That was my very first tweet, exactly 1 year ago today.

And this is exactly 1 year later.

So much has transpired between the two that it makes my head spin. I’ve told you how much I’ve changed in the past year, and Twitter has been a huge part of that. I think some people can’t stand how much credit I give to Twitter because it’s not the tool itself that’s so special but rather how people have chosen to use it. But it’s what has connected me to these people, so I find it very difficult to separate the two.

I paid homage to those people on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day by telling you how they’ve impacted my life. Now today, on the 1 year anniversary of my use of Twitter, let me pay homage to the tool and how I’ve used it for the past 365 days.

If you look at my favorite tweets, you’ll get a glimpse into the moments I’ve been moved, impressed, aghast or just want to remember. Some are words of praise from close friends or people I don’t even know. Others are just great quotes that got me thinking. You’ll see every single “Hello new friends!” tweet that I’ve sent, an acknowledgment of every new follower since January 29, as well as statements I’ve made that I never want to lose sight of.

But the most important happenings can’t just be recorded by starring a single tweet. In July I wrote a blog post titled “How Twitter has changed my life,” in which I listed some amazing things that have happened to me because of my deep engagement with Twitter.

And things have become even more amazing since then. Now with over 2,000 people following me (am I really that interesting?!) I have the ability to turn to Twitter for help with just about every area of my life. Looking to buy a new mouse and not sure which to get? Ask Twitter. Choosing between two accounting web apps? Ask Twitter. Want feedback on my blog? Ask Twitter. Worried about this mysterious headache? Ask Twitter. Not sure which book to read next? Ask Twitter. Looking for a good place to eat while in another city? Ask Twitter. Need to recruit participants for user research? Ask Twitter. Need topic ideas for a presentation proposal? Ask Twitter. Want to help raise money for a great cause? Ask Twitter.

The possibilities are endless. And they happen so often that they’re almost impossible to document. However, a year later, I’m nonetheless amazed and appreciative. So thank you to every single one of you who uses Twitter for contributing to what has become my oracle.

Not yet on Twitter? Join now. Then be sure to follow me so we can get to know each other and help each other grow. That’s what this life is all about, isn’t it?

Here are some of my favorite tweets:

And more:
All the times I’ve said “Thank you” or “Thanks”
All the times I’ve been thanked
All the times I love
All the times I hate
All the times I’ve had fun
All the times I’ve live-Twittered
All the times I had dinner
All the times I haven’t eaten
All the times I’ve slept or didn’t sleep
All the times I woke up
All the times I’ve sworn: fuck shit bullshit holy shit holy crap ass asshole bitch
[Unfortunately these searches only go back 4 months. Hopefully that will change one day]

If Twitter were to go away tomorrow, the thing that would hurt the most would be losing the connection I have to so many people. So in case it does, please always feel free to email me at [email protected] I’ll always be signed up on any site as whitneyhess so be sure to look for me wherever comes next. And if you see me in person someone, please please please come say hi. Twitter has been great, but nothing is better than the connection that happens when two people look each other in the eye.

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    • says

      Stephen, thank you so much. Veronica and I were born two weeks apart and our
      parents were close friends. I haven't seen her in almost 2 decades, but
      finding her on Twitter was a shock and joy.

      Hoping to meet you in 2009. All the best, Whitney

  1. says

    I will always be thankful that Veronica let me to you as well. Your friendship, personal and professional advice, and giving nature have been the ultimate gift.

    Here's to many more great years together as friends, on Twitter and off. :)

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