NY Tech Meetup — January 2009

Last night was the first NY Tech Meetup of 2009 and the first meetup since Nate Westheimer became the new organizer last month. I thought it was a huge success.

For the first time, at least since I’ve been attending, it had a theme: “Built on Twitter” — the seven presenters all have created products and services that use Twitter as a platform.

Apps that were featured:

Here are my Twitter notes from the night:

  • I’m Twittering from January 2009’s NY Tech Meetup. @innonate is organizer. Scott is still MC. Dawn is still pointing and waving.
  • Tonight’s theme is “Built on Twitter” featuring @StockTwits @ShortyAwards @CoTweet @TwiTerra @Klout @Shakeshack @Botanicalls
  • Scott is on the stage. Cited @ceonyc‘s post about disbanding the @NYTM http://is.gd/eJC4 He’s giving all the reasons why we shouldn’t
  • Check out the event page here: http://tinyurl.com/7jpmtq
  • Scott says Obama is gonna make everyone realize they have a responsibility for service and community. “We have to save New York”
  • Scott just introduced @innonate and said how excited he is to pass the reigns. He’s swearing him in by putting his hand on a MacBook
  • …of the NY Tech Meetup. And will, to the best of my ability, advance the NY tech industry by community building.” Applause & laughs
  • @innonate Some changes to @NYTM. Tonight is themed. Inviting everyone to The Park (it’s now “official”, though we’ve been going there)
  • @whitneymcn and Vinny Vacanti showing off @shakeshack. Send any tweet to it (usually about the line) & it retweets using a Perl script
  • “Code does not create community; code supports community” — @whitneymcn — SO excited to finally meet him later! Whitneys UNITE!
  • “Shakeshack works well because it applies a little bit of structure and gives you a lot of latitude to do what you want with it”
  • Vinny mapped the data from @shakeshack to figure out the average waits. 3pm is the shortest line. Eater found it and reblogged it
  • Dawn asked what Danny Meyer has to say about @shakeshack. He’s the owner (fab NYC restaurateur). Hasn’t been in touch, but staff has
  • Steven Lehrburger of @TwiTerra is up now, showing how retweets span across the globe. Pretty sweet. Just saw @alanataylor RT @mklopez
  • @lehrblogger is using the NASA World Wind libraries to create it. @innonate asks why we care. “Exposes people to new ideas”
  • @gotwalt & @jesseengle of @cotweet are on stage. @iamkyle is also a cotweet creator. @jesseengle started a tech meetup in Hershey, PA
  • “How many people think brands should be on Twitter?” Half raised their hands. “How many ppl Twittering for a brand?” ~30 raised hands
  • @cotweet helps share the load, multiple people Twittering to a single account. “Not everyone can be @zappos CEO Tony”
  • Unfortunately @cotweet is showing their DMs publicly right now
  • @cotweet is a dashboard for tweets being sent to your brand’s account. Tweets can be assigned to staff for them to reply
  • Replicated Twitter profile page but created in-line conversations to more easily track users. Integrated search results in multi panes
  • I gotta say, @cotweet looks pretty sweet. I wonder if @boxee is using it…
  • @HowardLindzon of @StockTwits on the stage. “I love Twitter, I love stocks, I love social web.”
  • @HowardLindzon “I don’t think @nytm is dead until you’re relying on TechCrunch for sponsorships.” :: Groan from the audience ::
  • @StockTwits is about “real ideas in real time” instead of relying on Bloomberg, etc. Lets you see all mentions of your ticker symbols
  • I find it amusing that Twitter developers are so long-winded ;) They should have had to give their pitch in 140 characters
  • Taking a break to introduce ourselves to our neighbors. I’m at 3%. I need the new MacBook Pro with 8-hour battery life :)
  • @gregory of @shortyawards on the stage. @semel and @varga also creators. “Voting for the best producers of short content in 2008”
  • @innonate getting nominated for a @shortyaward in #pottery by a plant @botanicalls
  • More than 30,000 nominations for @shortyawards have been submitted. Coverage in NYT. 25 top “official” categories but lots & lots more
  • Winners in each category will gather at an event and have to give their acceptance speeches in 140 characters or less
  • @joefernandez of @klout is on the stage. “Our goal is to measure influence across the social web.” Launched Christmas Eve
  • “We’re not figuring out who’s on the A list. Everyone creating content has influence…@klout is about the impact of the individual”
  • “Who do you pay attention to, and who pays attention to you?” — @joefernandez 4 quadrants: Connector, Persona, Casual, Climber
  • History is maintained so you can see how your influence has changed over time. Influence on ppl/topics. API coming out soon
  • Kate Hartman of @botanicalls on stage. “Exploring relationship between ppl and their plants” Lets your plant tweet when it needs water
  • Wireless device comes in a kit. Put it in your plant and will export its data to the web and let you know when it needs to be watered
  • @botanicalls kit requires you to know how to solder. Counts me out. @orian?
  • some @botanicalls plants: @nytplant @pothos @Mr_Ikea_Plant
  • @botanicalls kit is disassembled because it’s an iterative process and they’re trying to keep it cheap
  • @innonate back on stage. @nytm will continue to be monthly, first Tues. They will be themed. Guest MCs. Presenters will be voted on :)
  • @innonate explaining the “Community Committee” — people embedded in other niche communities in NYC to help communicate across them
  • Connect. Evangelize. Report. If you’re a member of one of these niche communities and want to get involved, get in touch w/ @innonate

After the event, Nate announced that the after-party would be at The Park. It’s where a small group of us always hang out afterward, but people flooded in last night. The vibe was different last night, but it was great to see a lot of unfamiliar faces and get to know a new group of people.

Really looking forward to February’s event, “Mobile Meets Social.” Hope to see you there! (And if you happen to see me across the room, definitely tap me on the shoulder and introduce yourself — I love when that happens)

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