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A Little Bit

One of the assignments that was given to me in the first session of my coaching course is a daily meditation or “sitting” practice. The assignment, as it is written on the sheet of paper in my binder, is to sit for 30 minutes in a chair, eyes gently closed or looking down in front [Keep Reading…]

Empathy for Ourselves

We’re in this situation where we have a finite period of time, we really need to pay close attention to this person. We need to concentrate. We need to focus. And we need to go into it with the intent of gaining understanding, of challenging our assumptions, of teasing out the problems and needs and [Keep Reading…]

I Love Fear

I love fear because confronting my fears has allowed me to get to know parts of myself that I was denying. There is something very important about who you are based on the things that you fear. I used my fears to avoid things. That’s what we’re taught: Fear is a good thing. It keeps [Keep Reading…]

The Only Thing We Control

I think it’s likely there’s a grander scheme of things, a master plan. But I don’t believe our decisions are being made for us. And I don’t believe that there’s a puppeteer pulling the strings, causing our behavior. I really don’t. I think we are in this together, and perhaps the grander vision is being [Keep Reading…]

Designing Yourself for everyone – now with transcripts

When Paul and I started a podcast to publicly explore the often sensitive domain of self-development, we hoped we would handle topics in a way that would appeal to the broadest audience possible. But we made one huge mistake: we didn’t make it accessible for all. We’re thrilled to finally announce that all 10 episodes [Keep Reading…]

What UX did or didn’t do

Some usual suspects are engaged in a feverish discussion on what UX “did” to this or that related practice — and now is the time to stop it from further destruction! Let’s be clear: UX cannot do anything to anyone. UX is two letters of the alphabet, representing a philosophy, a process, a practice of [Keep Reading…]

Why Coaching Matters

Everyone could benefit from seeing themselves from a different perspective. Our beliefs, our blind-spots, and our self-imposed limitations are all too often barriers to becoming who we’re really meant to be. This is especially true of professionals entering a new phase of their career or students entering a new course of study. The inner critic [Keep Reading…]