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Photo of the day: Keep dog’s away

Consider the number of people that must have seen this sign before it was posted: the writer, the printer, the sign manufacturer, the installer, the building manager. And not one knows how to spell, or cared enough to fix the mistake. Amazing.

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  • http://www.mindspring.com/~dbholzel/1001.html David

    At least it doesn't say Keep Do'gs Away. That would have been truly incomprehensible!

  • http://deejayy.hu/ deejayy

    Or: Keep dog's (stuff) away.

  • http://letsdrinktwo.com tom sakell

    good description. no one cared (enough)

  • http://www.websynapse.co.nz Ryan Kennedy

    Exactly, I think it means 'Keep dog's (poop) away' and they didn't want to say Poop.

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  • http://www.ithouse.dk/ Bersing

    I think its because its looks like a poop box for dogs :D