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Photo of the day: Hand-written menu at Chanterelle

Hand-written menu at Chanterelle

Chanterelle is a fancy schmancy restaurant in my neighborhood, TriBeCa. Like many restaurants they post their menu in the window, but theirs is completely handwritten and absolutely gorgeous. It immediately tells you something about the kind of service you’ll be getting there. It’s dated to indicate a seasonal menu and embellished with huge descenders. I find it completely sexy, and one day when I have enough money to eat there, I’ll treat myself to what I’m guessing will be an equally sexy meal.

See, they’ve started the customer experience off right, before I ever walked in the door.

Check out my detailed photos of the Chanterelle menu on Flickr.

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  • http://brickgrrl.blogspot.com Donna

    Thanks for posting those images. Absolutely gorgeous! If the script were a typeface, I'd buy it this instant. Then again, I'm glad it's not and that's the whole point, isn't it? As for Chanterelle, I was there in their early years. It was transcendent. I hope someone you like very much treats you soon.