Designing a More Self Aware Life

It was such an honor to be interviewed by Srini Rao for The Unmistakable Creative podcast in an episode titled, Designing a More Self Aware Life. He asked such deep and thought-provoking questions, it enabled me to give my deepest, truest, most authentic answers. It may have been my best interview yet! Thank you so [Keep Reading…]

Speak and Be Seen

Originally published on Ladies in Tech on March 12, 2013 My mom loves to tell a story about when she and my dad came to see me in a play at day camp. I was six. I had the very important job of carrying title cards from stage-left to stage-right, which depicted time passing between [Keep Reading…]

Just Do Some Thing

An excerpt from my dialogue with Paul McAleer on our podcast Designing Yourself, Episode #14: The Breakthrough (originally aired May 23, 2014), with minimal editing for readability. [To Roz Duffy] So much of what you’re talking about is about trying and doing, which are actions that you take, as opposed to fear and anxiety, which [Keep Reading…]