Links from 5/14/2009 to 8/9/2009

Write When Inspired The Amanda Project Technology will allow us to become digital nomads Steve Jobs on why Apple doesn’t do market research Is Your Organization An Umbrella or Mixing Bowl? How Easy It Is To Miss

Links from 4/14/2009 to 4/22/2009

Wordle – Beautiful Word CloudsVia Sarah Rice (@seneb) It’s Not the Recession, You Just SuckCompletely awesome blog post about getting off your ass and making things happen YouTube – Image resizeThe coolest image resizing I have ever seen (via @orian) Mike Arauz | Blog: Spectrum of Online FriendshipPassive interest > Active interest > Sharing > [Keep Reading…]

Links from 12/12/2008 to 4/9/2009

Woah, Postalicious was broken and I didn’t even know it. Just fixed the plugin. Notebook 1: Paul Hughes & Design Thinking – a set on FlickrBeautiful sketch notes Redesign Must Die presentation by Lou RosenfeldLou Rosenfeld hates the term "redesign". Find out way MAYOR BLOOMBERG OUTLINES 11 INITIATIVES TO SUPPORT NEW YORK CITY'S FINANCIAL SERVICES [Keep Reading…]

Links from 11/21/2008 to 12/6/2008

Official Google Reader Blog: Square is the new round.Google Reader gets a visual redesign along with a few new features: collapsible components, ability to hide unread count, and more robust friends area. Six Apart aquires Pownce, shuts it downSo sorry for not giving a shit what next? helps you find that thing you need [Keep Reading…]

Links from 11/11/2008 to 11/18/2008

ThinkGeek :: SnūzNLūz – Wifi Donation Alarm ClockPossibly the most genius invention ever. Via @naterkane [ paul isakson ]: Confessions Of A (Fake) Mad ManPaul Isakson reveals himself as @don_draper. I feel played! :) Designer//Slash//ModelDesigners everywhere: WATCH THIS VIDEO! Future Practice User Experience – Webinars seriesA new joint venture from @louisrosenfeld's Rosenfeld Media and @threefour's [Keep Reading…]

Links from 10/15/2008 to 11/11/2008

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love – Countdown with Keith Olbermann- msnbc.comOne of the most incredible things I've ever seen on national news. I couldn't agree more. 6 Reasons to Start CoworkingWritten for Mashable by Alex Hillman @alexknowshtml seven attributes of personal brand identityWhen mom said that I say things on Twitter that [Keep Reading…]