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Sharin Apostolou sings from La Traviata on TV news Jewsrock.orgAll about Jewish rockstars and other celebs. Via Hudson Lines @hudlines CollabFinder – Find Other Designers and Developers and Collaborate on Awesome ProjectsVia Mark Dunham 270+ Tools for Running a Business Online – MashableSo many great webapps in this list. Great resource Miskeeto » PricingDiscounts on [Keep Reading…]

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DONNA BOGATIN presents STARTUPALPHA.COM TECH VC HUB & PITCH COMMUNITYThe second worst website on the whole on the Internet, after HavenWorks.comThe worst website on the whole of the Internet ChoiceTweets — wearable Twitter gear, powered by your favorite Twitterers and ChoiceShirtsMade in part by @alexknowshtml FM 100 Hue TestExtreme fun! What's your color IQ? [Keep Reading…]

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Little known fact: Sarah Palin invented the Internet | The Web Services Report – CNET NewsTwitter meme Mad Men obsessives Twitter away | Technology | The GuardianI love Don Draper Pattern Tap : Interface Collection for Design InspirationVia Sam Zaiss . : THOMPSON HOTELS : Hip luxury hotels in NYC, LA at the official Thompson [Keep Reading…]

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UI-patterns.comBy Anders Toxboe, a Danish web developer Smashing Darling: A Tweet for Your NeckA Twitter necklace… Me likey! Pen Zen: Bring Clarity to Writing | ThinkSimpleNow.comvia @korf420 2008 US Movie Box OfficeGreat data visualization of box office earnings this year The "Mojave Experiment"What do people think of Vista when they don't know it's Vista? I [Keep Reading…]

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Blogging’s Glass Ceiling – NYTimes.comAbout the BlogHer conference Assessing Weights for Users’ Needs, Part 1 » UIE Brain SparksWeighted Differences Matrix quantifies the differences between multiple design alternatives Case Study: Comparing Design Alternatives » UIE Brain SparksOn a shoe-string budget Bait and switchSeth Godin talks about Pleasure and Pain (via @daveixd)

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Facebook Connect Launches with 24 Partners Including Digg and Six Apart** Posted using Viigo: Mobile RSS, Sports, Current Events and more ** Facebook has announced the official launch of its Facebook Connect offering, which will allow users to port their profile data to third-party Web sites. The company is announcing 24 lau The Toad Stool [Keep Reading…]

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Why I Will Never Have a Girlfriend – nothingisreal.comVia @annaknoll Logic+Emotion: Disney's $100,000 Salt + Pepper Shaker A Whole big food market opens next week in TribecaOMG I have chills! ChangeOrder: Why I Am a DesignerBe sure to read the tooltip Walken: Talkin' Web 2.0Christopher Walken talks about Web 2.0