Email of the Week: I Do Software

Recently got this zinger in my inbox: Sorry if I find your site overwhelming. And I don’t want to be a UX designer. And I am too busy to blog or tweet. But I do software. So knowing about UX design is not an issue for me. That was the beginning. The rest was asking [Keep Reading…]

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I met a really nice guy at STC Summit named Eric Roberson [LinkedIn] [Twitter]. He attended my Evangelizing Yourself talk, and was apparently very moved by it (which moved me). The next day when I saw him in another session, he took out his phone to show me something he’d discovered earlier in the day. [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Makeshift Mailbox

Beard Papa claims to make the world’s best cream puffs, and they aren’t lying. Fortunately for the folks at New Work City, they have a location just around the corner. Unfortunately, it’s been “closed for maintenance” since November. I walked by recently and noticed a FedEx box labeled MAIL BOX taped to the outside of [Keep Reading…]

Photo of the day: Snowman Poop!

In honor of Wednesday’s near-blizzard in NYC, I wanted to share this winter treat with all of you. “You’ve been naughty, so here’s the scoop. You’re getting nothing but Snowman Poop!” A few months ago I was visiting my friend in Mystic, CT, and we went to B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill where they were selling [Keep Reading…]