Awesome Email of the Day: I write to you, thanks to Google Translator

Passion knows no bounds.
Thanks never gets lost in translation.

From: Bruno Chaves
To: Whitney Hess
Subject: hello from brazil
Date: August 4, 2010 9:04:13 AM EDT

I do not know write in English.
my English is very bad. But you can read;)
I write to you, thanks to google translator:)
I met his blog, twitter by Zeldman.
I loved you!
just wanted to tell you that there are people in south america, enjoying reading your posts and twits
have a nice day! :)


From: Whitney Hess
To: Bruno Chaves
Subject: Re: hello from brazil
Date: August 7, 2010 11:18:06 PM EDT

Bruno, thank you so much. Your email is awesome, because I can tell how much effort you put into writing it. Do you mind if I post it to my blog? I won’t include your name.

Keep reading!

From: Bruno Chaves
To: Whitney Hess
Subject: Re: hello from brazil
Date: August 8, 2010 6:25:05 PM EDT

thanks for responding.
you can write about my email to your blog, no problem!
can quote my name too. I’ll be happy.
google translate and a modern marvel.
you can write in Portuguese for me too.
Nowadays, we only need to be willing to communicate. to communicate!


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  1. says

    There’s a Google Labs feature that auto translates foreign text for you when you receive emails. I leave it on all the time just in case someone emails me in another language (usually it winds up coming from someone in Israel in Hebrew).

    It’s a life saver and enables us to communicate without borders. Speaking of, I wonder if there is a resource dedicated to how to communicate without borders. Hmmm, Googling now (in multiple languages).

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