Awesome Email of the Day: Evangelizing Myself

Being able to help people change their lives for the better is worth more than any client check. I’m very fortunate to get amazingly kind emails from strangers around the world. I promptly add them to my Happy File to look back on when I’m feeling down and doubting myself. Here is a recent email I received on Friday, May 29, posted with permission by the sender.

Subject: Evangelizing Myself

Hi Whitney,

I decided to drop you note, and after writing your name in the ‘to:’ field of my email application, i feel stupid already writing this. Maybe it is because of my English (sorry, i’m not a native speaker) or maybe it is just because I do not feel myself ‘big’ enough. I just watched your IA summit presentation on slideshare and wanted to tell you that the whole first part was about me.

It felt like you described the feelings I currently have and the problems I face. I finished my study in Holland some years ago (communication sciences) and started to work in IT companies.

At first the whole UX/IA thing was quite confusing (IA’s tried to define everything, but couldn’t define themselves). So I stopped defining myself and started working. Now after some years the UX community evolved and I feel that I did not catch the train somewhere. I go to meetings and conferences without taking to people and feel a huge ‘wall’ between me and other UX-experts. I do great things at my work, and have loads of satisfied customers, but i just feel my career is getting to a point that I have to get to a higher level.

So.. the bottom line is: your presentation was the little spark I needed. Thank you so much

[name redacted] Zierikzee, the Netherlands

Thank you so much for your e-mails. They inspire me to keep going, keep learning, and keep sharing. And sometimes I really need it!

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  1. Danny says

    Who needs Euro IA's approval when you get emails like these.
    This email shows that all cynicism aside, your presentation stroke a chord with folks.

    Good job, by all means keep sharing!

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