Old Guard Versus New Guard: An Interview by Tom Johnson

While at STC Summit in Dallas a month ago, Tom Johnson, a technical writer for the LDS Church in Salt Lake City, asked if he could interview me for his blog I’d Rather Be Writing.

Photo taken by Tony Chung
From Tom’s blog post:

In this videocast, I talk with Whitney Hess at the STC Summit in Dallas about her perspective on old guard versus new guard mentality, or in other words, the traditional offline, change-resistant mentality versus the web-savvy, social-media-saturated mindset more common with the younger generation. Whitney Hess is a user experience design consultant from New York City who was invited to speak at the Summit this year.

I didn’t know ahead of time what he would be asking me, and okay, I was already a couple beers in. But I greatly enjoyed his questions and, rewatching the video now, I’m remarkably proud of my responses. Watch the full interview below:

Many thanks for Tom for his kindness and for allowing me to finally share these ideas that have been percolating for some time.

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  1. says

    Interesting point of view. Revolution!

    I appreciate what you're saying here and tend to agree. I also find value in sharing the benefits of UX with folks who just don't know what they don't know. That said, I'm with you when it comes to not spending a ton of valuable time fighting yesteryear's mentality.

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