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Wendy Taylor, editor of Six Apart‘s, recently got in touch to see if I’d be interested in being a guest author to create a list of the 10 Best User Experience Design Blogs. Of course I jumped at the chance.

Mindful of this honor and opportunity, I was very careful about the blogs that I decided to choose for the list. Of all of the great blogs out there on user experience, the 10 I chose made the cut because of their focus, depth, diversity, frequency of posting, and influence they’ve had on my thinking and my work. Some are well known and widely read, while others are more covert and deserve greater attention.

My Guest Top 10 is now live, and I really hope folks will find it valuable.

Here are my favorite UX blogs in alphabetic order:

Did I miss one of your favorite blogs? Feel free to tell me about it in the comments!

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  2. […] But the onus is not just on UX. The second solution is that the business people themselves need to realize there is a new set of solutions in town and it is not all out of Tech Crunch, Harvard Business Review, and Mashable. Although these are all great sources, if you want to execute on products that are successful, are not cash drains and that meet user needs, you need the UX process. You can find the UX process by looking at other resources such as Boxes and Arrows, UX Magazine, this blog, and others like it. […]

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